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Coolant leak and Gear lever sticking on auto box


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Hi ,I have a coolant leaky here appears to be fluid by the passenger wheel and if you look down from the expansion tank you can see fluid going to get it looked at Tuesday any ideas what to look at much appreciated,also after a two hour journey stopped at lights and put selector in park and applied hand brake lights changed but selector wouldn't move it seemed as though it was been blocked after messing around managed to force it to move drove home and issue was still there left car for about 10 mins and it still needed forcing after a short journey the problem seems to have sorted I assume a linkage is at fault anyone else had this problem

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Hi Robert if you are talking of a auto gearbox and because you have to press the footbrake

to move into  gear's I would first try pressing the brake harder if this doesnt help it must be

a sensor that the brake trips .????



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Thanks Frank ,had the coolant leak sorted it seems to have been the expansion tank top at £6.90 a cheap fix,cars going back on Tuesday with one of the jobs the sticking gear lever though since it happened on Tuesday been fine

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