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Easy to change to dashboard trim ?


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Newbie here, looking at buying my first Jag and the S Type R version has got my eye at the moment.


Just wondering how hard/easy it is to change the dashboard trim on these.  I've seen a few nice models but with a silver/aluminium dash both we really prefer the wooden dash look, are they easy to swap over ?


Also, any tips/advice on what to look out for when buying an R model are welcome. I've done a little bit of reading up so far and want a post 2004 model, but any tips are welcome. Ta

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post-4237-0-25277500-1423574966_thumb.jp[]Welcome to the club,K.


The S type R was when first made was Jaguar's fastest road car, and very popular in the USA.


I do like the wooden look, and I have had the Burr Walnut on three previous cars, and Maple on my last two cars.  I admit to preferring the Maple with lighter upholstery and the Burr Walnut with dark upholstery.


I have never tried to change the dashboard trim but I don't think it is beyond a good DIY expert.  There could well be some members who have replaced the trim.







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