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F-Pace newbie.


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Evening all.


I recenty joined up and commented on the F-Pace forum.


Very quiet there at the moment.


I'm a Range Rover owner, had looked at the Macan, wife hated it, but it goes well.


When the CX-17 concept was launched, I though hello been here before with the RR. They did this with the LRX. We got in early or so we thought, had a 9 month build wait.


So, we've got in even earlier with the F-Pace.


I'm familiar with the Ingenium engines and am hoping this car will be more than a match for the Macan.


It's the V6 Petrol (not Ingenium) which is in the F-type and XE when launched which I would like as the power unit.


Any of you JOC members contemplating this car?


Would like to know your thoughts or inside info.


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yes the f pace is a nice looking bus seen pics in some mags  Jaguar is doing its self a big favour if it wants to compete with bmw audi ect it has to change its image keep up pace with the others. maybe some of the old guys will get newer cars

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