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Hi from Malvern


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Hi Frank,


When I noticed that you lived in Malvern, I was reminded of a practical joke three rather inebriated middle aged men perpetrated fairly close to the Abbey Hotel.


We were coming away from a very nice dinner on a balmy evening when we saw a large number of traffic cones at the top of the hill plus a few directional arrows.  It didn't take very long to arrange a distribution of these cones plus arrows and road closed signs to divert traffic coming up the hill.  I meant that every 10 minutes or so the same cars were repeating the journey. On the third time, one car driver, probably muttering something about the council, got out of his car, moved aside three cones, drove through, and then to our surprise, put the ones back again.


It was just a pity it was a few days after the first of April!


Pleading Guilty if you were one of the drivers!





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