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Good evening all.....

Not exactly a post but just joined so introducing myself. I'm on my 3rd Cat now...started on a 55 plate S-type but was pretty disappointed with it. Mainly because I picked a bad spec model in the executive which was sparse on interior toys....however the 4.2 V8 was superb fun and I loved the power and sheer effortless pull.

I then went XJ358 sovereign as in my profile pick with the 2.7TDVI which was an unbelievable car and I would recommend one to anybody. Had it remapped with an extra 42 bhp and about 65 lb/ft torque and the DPF deleted and believe me it was soooooo worthwhile. Kicked you up the !Removed! if you had a heavy foot :) but then sat in a mates XF and knew it was for me

I now own a 3.0 td with the 275 bhp Premium Luxury and don't regret changing for an instant. Just had it detailed and looking to get it remapped too :) I've had many cars including BMW 5s, SAABs, and high end VXs and this is by far the best...simply can't believe how it drives :)

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Welcome to the club, Stephen.


Your experience will be invaluable to many members.


The XF is a great car.  I have only been in one - a sportbrake - when I was being driven to the dealer to pick up my s type, and I was very impressed.





Lancastrian in Exile.

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