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S typwe Navigation system update.


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I have recently bought a S type 4.0 Sports. Year 2001.

The navigation system seems to work fine but I dont know if it has been updated.

The disc in the drive in the boot has the Jag part number: XR83 10E898 AC 

and the Denso Part: 463200-5062.

Can anyone advise:

1, How old is this CD?

2, How do I update it (economically!!)?

3, Has anyone fitted a new nav system into the same 'hole' in the consul as the original?

Many thanks,


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Hi Steve and welcome to the club.


Thee are several sites you can google for a Sat Nav disc. The one in my s type was a 2006 disc and I got a 2012/13 disc for £29 from a company called SatNav Updates.  I cannot tell you the Jag part number of the old one as I loaned it to another member who has not returned it and disappeared.  My new one is a DENSO disc.


But if you take out the disc and put it back after a few minutes the display should tell you what year of disc it is.





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