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Just a quick hello and to introduce myself. My name is Paul and I have a 2001 Jaguar S Type 3.0 Sport. We've had this car for about 3 years now and in that time we have spent quite a bit of money on her , including full respray due to tatty bodywork ( wheel arches etc ) when we bought it. We really love this car and see it as part of our family , but have now come up against a problem that requires a bit more expert knowledge. On inspection recently , the both rear tyre's we're worn almost to cords on the inner edges and the tyre's seemed to be leaning in , yet they we're fine on the vehicle's service a couple of month's ago. I'm thinking a camber issue here , are they adjustable ? What would be the best way to fix this problem ? .. I have already put new tyre's to the rear as the car is in daily use as my wife's car back and forth to work but fear the same thing happening in a couple of month's time if I do nothing about it now . Thank you for answers in advance , Jag-Paul      

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Hi Paul and welcome to the club.


I am not an engineer, but I am fairly certain than an adjustment is required.  I usually get my tyres fitted by Halfords and always have the tracking checked, so I would have thought that the tyre fitter should have noticed.


There might be others more expert than me will assist.






A quick edit, Paul.  Apparently the rear camber is non adjustable, but should the control arms be wearing or loose some inner wear on the tyre. I would have the rear end checked out at a good independent garage.

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