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X-type startup problems


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This is my first post so forgive me if this is a known issue.

For a while now I've had trouble starting the car (2006 x-type 2.0D estate) in the morning. I turn the key and the dashboard lights come on but the engine doesn't try to turn over.

Usually after a few attempts it suddently works.

This morning I had the same but when it did try to turn over it was failing and the orange coil dashboard indicator flashed.


After about 6 or 7 attempts it fired up.

Are these the symptoms of a known issue? Does anyone have any advice?

Not sure if it's related but about a month ago it started to run really rough when I accellerate. I put it down to a dodgy tank of fuel (I'd just filled up at a Tesco fuel station) so I put some Redex in and fueled at a BP station the next time and it's got much better, although is still a little rougher than it used to be).

Many thanks


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Hi Andy, and welcome to the club.


The diesel engines fitted in most cars , while very economical and reliable, do need a certain amount of cosseting.


One of the things it does need is top fuel and a good clean out of the fuel system every now and then.


I am not an engineer so I look for the easiest was out of an issue.


I think that what is needed for your car is a Terraclean service, which will cost about £120 and will improve both performance and mpg.  You can google the nearest provider by going to the Terraclean site. 


Also I would give the air filter a clean out, and replace with a genuine Jaguar part [they are quite cheap]


Let us know how you get on.





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Thanks Peter, I'll do that.

I just went out to see if it would start ok now having been left a few hours and the first 3 times I turned the key I got a really loud grinding sound.

Is that likely to be a different issue?



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Thanks again.

Yes - I read somewhere that an ageing battery could also give starting issues like this.

Not sure I understand why that would account for the nasty grinding noise, but I might get a new battery anyway.


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