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x type se


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Hi guys,


I just joined and will be picking up my '08 X type SE on Friday after 14 years of driving my old Rover.


I have a lot of trepidation as I worry about all the things that could go wrong, especially with all the bells and whistles on the SE. It's a 2.0 diesel on 120k miles.


My first problem I guess will be figuring out how to stream bluetooth audio via the car radio, I have my entire music collection on my phone plus Spotify. In the Rover, it just required a £120 new head unit, but I suspect it's not going to be so simple on the Jaguar.


Expect me asking questions,





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Hi David and welcome to the Club.


I had the same transition as yourself, having had a Rover Sterling for over 11 years and went to a X type SE [petrol] before getting my s type when some scroats carjacked the X type.


Yes, there are loads of bells and whistles on Jaguars, but the first thing you should remember is that they are performance cars and do like performance fuel, so forget the cheap stuff and get the top diesel fuel from the forecourts.


The Club members are a friendly group of people and will assist whenever they can.


Enjoy your Jaguar.





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