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The 2.0 Diesel SE x-type I am picking up on Friday has no handbook, no service history and 120k miles. One of the first things I will be doing (after the 4 hour drive back to Somerset in it) is booking it in for a full service. I'm going to need to get the radio code from somewhere at some point too I guess.


I have read on here about promoting this Terraclean service. I don't know how the car runs yet, do you think it would be worthwhile, and is it better to do that before or after the Main service?


I have a service garage about 4 minutes from my office, which offers Terraclean. I could drop it in there. Maybe they will do a full service with Terraclean at a discount?


Obviously they are a general garage, do you think it will be a problem? Should the x-type only be serviced at Jaguar dealers or authorised independents? Will a general garage be able to do a decent inspection to look out for possible faults?





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:rolleyes:  Hi, I bought a 2005 xtype estate 2.2d last year with 70000 on the clock and 12 mth MOT but it had a full Jaguar service history so I was reasonably confident until I took it to my local Jag dealer for a full service. :( They highlighted several things mainly the fact that the brakes needed new discs and pads all round, various Oil leaks etc etc, the upshot was they wanted to charge me a cool 2500 to get the car up to their standards. My local Indy checked out the brakes bearing in mind the 12 mth MOT reckoning I should get at least another year or so out of them, the Oil leaks were miniscule bearing in mind they are Oil burners anyway. Basically he said Jaguar want to bring an old car up to their standard as it left the factory if people are prepared to pay for that fair play.

I am very happy with my car it goes like a rocket and puts a smile on my face when I drive it.

With regards to a Terraclean, the cost certainly is a factor but I would do my research, go on other Forums as well as this one of course, a lot of people make do with cleaning the EGR and blanking plates etc.

Good luck.

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Hi Dave,


Personally, I would not use a main Jaguar dealer as £140 an hour is a bit steep.  A  good independent garage [there is a list in the Jaguar Owners Lounge] will do the same job but cheaper.


The Terraclean worked wonders  with my2.7diesel, so I would be inclined to include it in a service.


The EGR valves are a nuisance, but I had Code P0402 come up this morning but it was solved by a burst on the A38 this morning keeping the car in third gear and keeping the revs at 4000.


Let us know how you get on.





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I couldn't really get to a main dealer anyway as there aren't any near me. I blanked the EGR valve on my old Rover, I might do it on this too. As an engineer I could never get my head around recirculation of exhaust emissions back into the engine, it's like having a bath in dirty water.

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