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tyre sizes and mixing front and rear


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Hi all,

I've been checking out various places for tyres for 2.7d xf.  the car came to me with 19 inch lenso granzo alloys and 245/40x19 tyres.  i'd like to keep the same size on the front, but can these be fitted with 275/35x19 on the rear?  I haven't come across this mix before and i would like to know primarily, if they would fit on the rear without rubbing or risking damage to the suspension.





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I looked into something similar for my 20 inch wheels and was told replacing 255 for 275 would need rims of the next size up ie need 9 in place of 8.5 inch rims.


I would have thought a mainstream tyre supplier could advise. Generally the rolling diameter is taken care of with the wider section countered by the lower profile side wall.

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It all depends what the original wheel and tyre sizes were, if you change the overall diameter it will effect the speedo

usually if you go up a size like 18" to 19" you have to drop the profile a size

if you look in your handbook or drivers door pillar area it should state tyre sizes and pressures, see what you had on originally

if you google "tyre wheel calculator" there are loads of site where you can compare wheel sizes and tyre sizes, so you will see how it will effect your speedo

also the lower profile you make the tyre, the choppier/rougher the ride will get



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