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new guy , brakes issue


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Hey to everyone here at the Jaguar club,


   I received a Jaguar xjs from 93 as a family gift, and the car has needed small maintenance items, all of which except for one I don't really know how to source the parts for.... I tried searching on most mainstream sites, and im very experienced with the pad and rotor system (I have a STi) but the drum thing really set me off, ive dropped by multiple places now, and everyone says, im best off looking for a specialist.... but i know whats wrong, the rear brakes need replacing, I just wanted to know if you guys could point me in the right direction as although im familiar with japanese cars this one is different in many ways than my subie or daily... any help is greatly appreciated 


thanks ,


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Hi Robert,  and Welcome to the club.


Which mainstream sites have you tried?  And what is your location?


There is a member restoring an XJS from a rather rusty non runner [nice description] to a gleaming car, so the bits must be around.


The David Manners group,JagBits, and Just XJS are worth looking at, and as a last resort BreakerYard.


Let us know how you get on.





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well autozone jcwhitney you know the basics local stores like pepboys im located in puerto rico so im sure you can imagine that the Jaguar community is quite small. ill take a looksie and thank you very much for the legit non flaming response! will check back in 

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