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Possible Diesel Injector issue?


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Hello Sages. Wondering if you can help a virgin - so to speak! Have just acquired a late 2004 X-Type Estate - 2.0D SE on 118k miles. Generally very pleased with it but wondered if someone could shed light on what is the only real issue. Car runs well and cruises quietly and pretty economically. HOWEVER there is a nasty knock/rattle for a second or two after a cold start (which stops with a touch of throttle), accompanied by a cloud of grey/black smoke. At no other time does it rattle or smoke, even under hard acceleration. ALSO - and this could just be me getting used to a new diesel - I think it lacks a bit of go in fourth and fifth gears (seems punchy in the lower three) and maybe idles a wee bit inconsistently at idle. Could these symptoms be linked? - Injectors, maybe, or EGR valve? Obviously I'd like to sort the (minor) problem/s and, if anything significant, it should be covered under warranty. Appreciate your collective wisdom. Thanks :)

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Hi Graham welcome to the club-


I would say that because of the knock +smoke when starting up after standing for a time .

 you have a injector thats leaking fuel when its at rest --so I would advise you to

get it checked because the problem with it would do just as you say with everything .????



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