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Headlight unit and MOT fail


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Hi had my first MOT and not expecting any issues got a bit of a shock ,2 tyres rear brakes and headlight unit,my issue is that the nearside headlamp unit needed replacing as it was stuck pointing up it was stripped down and was found to have been attempted to have been repaired,now my question is if you looked at them when on would you know it was not aligned correctly and would it only be picked up during an MOT if so was the previous MOT suspect,checked the Gov website and the car was seen at the same Garage for most of the previous MOTs ,should I make my supisions to the authorities my car has done less than 46000 miles and would imagine rear breaks should last longer also ,am £800 pound lighter the garage I use I have used fir over 25 years and trust their work and advice,thank for reading any advice gladly accepted

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Hi Robert,


The attempt to repair is the key to the problem.  If you know when it was done, and it was before the MOT, then the MOT is suspect. It might have been OK at the time of the last MOT and the attempt to repair might have been just before you bought the car.


When I have bought a car, I have always asked for a MOT to be done before I take the car away.





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