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parking sensors


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Just bought  a 2006  X type 2.2diesel estate. The front and rear parking sensors do not work, despite the garage having a go at repairing them.

I already own an X type sovereign in which the roof mounted switch illumitates when the parking  sensors go active.

However, on my estate car,this  switch is completey dead. I have checked the fuses and the garage has replaced the module in the boot, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Bill and welcome to the club.


I would guess that there could be a bad earth or a misconnection.


Kenny might look in sometime and he does know a lot about electrics.


Also there might be a member with a similar car who has had the same problem.





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My rear parking sensors do not work and after listening closely to each sensor (faint clicking sound) one of the sensors is dead, so hopefully putting one sensor in and checking connection will solve the issue 

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