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Has my 1996 XK8 had a replacement engine?


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Hello All,


I recently acquired an early (one of the first few thousand) 1996 XK8 coupe - which I love to bits. I'm pretty sure my car is still on its original engine - it covered low miles in its early years and might well have escaped any Nikasil damage. Only has 67k miles today. I understand many early cars had engine replacements under warranty but can't find any evidence of this. Have seen that replacement engines are denoted by a tag, label or similar. If this is true, where would I have to look for it? Many thanks - Graham

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Hi Graham,


When I bought my S Type [from Stratstone] it had a full service history.  It was bought by Stratstone off the production line on 13th pf March 2007 and taxed and sold on the 30th March to a gentleman in London.


This is now the interesting bit. It had been serviced by Jaguar Stratstone until it appeared to have been bought by Grange of Exeter and serviced by them on  20/5/09 with 21821 miles on the clock .  Something then happened to the engine and it was replaced by Jaguar under warranty. Grange had apparently used the car for 19 miles.


The car was sold on to a gentleman in Gloucester on 4/709.


Other than the reference in the service book I can find no other details of the engine change.


The log book and the engine have the same numbers.


I have looked around the engine but can find nothing, but I will have another look.





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