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New XF 2015 - as seen on TV!


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Received the email tonight to watch the launch video of the new XF. As the video was not available spot on 1900 I had a look at the web site. Shock! I am on my second XF, 2011 and presently 2014 and, after a test drive in the 2.2 (200), decided to stay with the 3.0l. I see the 3.0 is no longer available. So, the choice is the 2.2 or the 3.0S. The 3.0S has a starting price, if I remember correctly, of £49k. I shall have a look later but I believe there is quite a jump in price from the 2.2 in all its multitudinous evolutions to the 3.0S.


Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?



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Hi Tony,


I think that the thoughts behind the engines used on the new XF are all based on the emissions and fuel economy.  The use of aluminium to make cars lighter does enable Jaguar to utilise a smaller engine, which trend I think will continue with other manufactures doing the same.


I drove past the new engine plant in Wolverhampton the other day, and it is rather vast, which indicated to me that Jaguar will be making a lot of engines and will be selling some of them to other car manufacturers.


Just my thoughts.





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