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Dream come true at last - now a Jag owner


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Evening all,

Been looking for a few years now for the right 2nd hand Jag to come along.

It appeared a couple of weeks ago at the Milton Keynes Jag dealers. So after a 800 mile round journey, traded in my old Merc C220 CDI Coupe and proud as punch drove away in MY 'new' 2008 Jaguar X-Type 2.2d SE automatic.

The spec was everything I was looking for. Lots of "toys" and most important full barley leather interior. The phrase "immaculate condition" is often used to describe a car but quite honestly that doesn't do this beauty justice.

Hopefully many years ahead of luxury driving, which I'm looking forward to greatly.

Here's some pics.


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Hi Bruce

Welcome to the Club hope you enjoy it here as much as you'll enjoy your x type , don't know if you are interested in a Day Out meeting other members . There's one organised for the 7th June to Glen Turret Distillery Crieff you can see the Thread on the Club Meetings.

I'm in EAST LOTHIAN so we could meet up and discuss our x type's .



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