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Here's the thing. I have an 03 S type which is in fairly good condition but the head gasket has blown. I love the car and intended to keep and maintain it for life. Do you think I can get anyone to replace the engine (recon) or repair it? All I hear from the people I approach is "you can go and buy another one for less than it would cost to repair that"'...Well yes, I probably could but, I don't want to! Surely someone must 'get' the idea that these cars need to be maintained so that there are some left as future classics. It's such a throwaway culture these days...but if we don't save some there won't be any left! Can anyone help?

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Hi Ashley and welcome to the club,


I have had two head gaskets blown and replaced over 55 years of driving.


The s type is a future classic and I would check out local garages [see the topic on Jaguar owners lounge] to see what they can do.





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