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Six speed ZF box problems..


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Hello, hoping someone can help..!! I have 2003 XK8 4.2 with the 6 speed ZF autobox, Firstly when coming to a halt it seems to change down too soon (a bit jumpy) secondly when you reach 40 mph & above there seems to be a noise coming from the gearbox (same noise as when road surface changes from smooth tarmac to rough concrete) 99% certain it's coming from gearbox & not diff or rear tyres.. Have changed the Oil & filter in gearbox which was purchased from Jaguar, but no difference. Oh and the car has done 65.000 miles with full history. Think this box is also used in S type.. Many thanks in advance, Richard from Bath.

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Hi Richard, and welcome to the club.


I don't have noise problems from the gearbox --  only the odd ZF lurch.


There is a Club friendly company  --  Mackies Transmissions --  who could well advise.  Unfortunately they are inScotland, but they are a top company in the transmissions field.  They might be worth a 'phone call.


Just a thought however, try driving in 4th gear or 5th, then 3rd or 2nd, and see it the feel is still there.


Let us know how you get on.





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