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Cleaning XK convertible roof

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Just got my 2007 XK this weekend she's done 74,000 two owners FSH. Appears to have been well stabled and looked after.

I want to make sure I look after her

On the subject of cleaning I seem to have done a Google special and got too much conflicting information on how to keep the roof clean and in good nick.

not that the roof looks too dirty and seems to have some water repellency

I went into a hand car wash yesterday and the attendants looked a bit worried,( not the same welcome as when I arrive in the ford galaxy! )

I asked them to wash the car but take it very easy around the roof section. All went well no water ingress and looks clean but I don't think I should have had the car cleaned this way, is that right?

Any info & tips do's and don'ts on all cleaning aspects paint and roof would be most welcome.


Chris Boa

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Welcome to the club, Chris.


I saw a post some months ago concerning car washes, and the Jaguar owner in question found a lot of swirls on his car caused by the cleaners who did the car wash.  He was very unhappy, particularly when it cost him £200 to return the car it its former glory.


I tend to use microfibre cloths, starting off with a cool water wash followed by a good quality shampoo  -- Halfords do a good one, but I find Auto Glym pretty good too.  A good rinse off  --  two or three buckets of water, and then a good dry.  A couple of hours is all it takes.


When it is hot and sunny is not a good time to wash your car either.





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Thanks Peter

Think I'll give the commercial car washes a miss, and my power wash at home, it's also the roof I am concerned about, I've read about the need to water proof it. Maybe I can read up on this in the manual, trying to get a digital copy online.

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Hi Chris,


There is a spray you can get which rewaterproofs Belstaff jackets and similar, which I have used when we had a ragtop years ago.


But generally speaking, the convertible roofs are pretty good in the wet.





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I would personally stay well clear of using the power jet. The machine has its benefits but not on my cars, cold water rinse, then shampoo (I prefer Turtle Wax Shampoo) using a micro fibre cloth before once again a cold rinse with an hose pipe. Like previously advised do not wash when hot with the sun blazing await the cooler evening period or get up early.

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Thanks everyone and especially to Jim V much for this comprehensive advice and the links. It's the roof cleaning and waterproofing aspect that particularly concerned me. I won't be visiting the commercial hand car washes for sure.

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Ha Hello Jim should I have added a 6 to the V?

Washed the paintwork and I must admit I enyoyed it, it took my mind off things for a couple,of hours was a pleasure and it looks great.

I'm just getting the stuff together for the roof, might have to give that dawn washing up liquid a miss and go for good old fairy liquid, will keep you posted as to how it turns out.

Thanks V much Jim


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Hi. I got my XK 2007 last weekend as well with a top in pretty good condition. Whilst looking into valeting services I read:



Most new soft-tops (fabric or vinyl) are usually chemically treated at the time of manufacturing to repel water and contamination such as bird droppings and tree sap (think of it as 'Scotch Guard' for the roof). Over time and with exposure of the roof to the elements, causes the protective layer to gradually wear off, thus leaving it vulnerable to pre-mature fading and staining. Watch out for signs of small puddles or water spots after a rain-shower. If the soft-top is not beading water as it previously did, it is a sign that the protection has worn off. The Renovo Soft Top Reviver treats faded canvas, double duck and mohair coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new. Available in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red and Brown to match your convertible tops hood.



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Hi Warwick, and welcome to the club.


i was going to say that there are a lot of helpful people in the club, but your first post has just prove it!


Just enjoy your Jaguar, and having a rag top in the summer makes me long for the boy racers Escort EFI - that used to sit in my garage in the winter and come out in the summer!





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