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Wanted to say hello


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I just wanted to say hello my name is Joe living in Newport Gwent. As I am a first time Jag owner, just picked up an S Type SE 3.0 v6. I figured that you never know when you may need help especially as you don't know to much about the car as I am used to SAAB :wub:  but obviously thanks to GM :angry: not truly understanding that SAAB did things there way. So obviously can't have them anymore because the prices of parts as they grow older is bound to go through the roof :o .


My Jag is in green with just 83k on the clock I picked it up for just £2775 :) so I am quite expecting to get a few problems :( as it's far to good to be true so I am sure my name will become well known on here. Thank goodness for the AA :D lol.

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Welcome to the club, Joseph.


The s type is a very nice car and a pleasure to drive.


My s type [2.7 Diesel] with 60k on the clock has never let me down.


Just use the best petrol, rather than supermarket fuel and your car will like you!





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