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Locked handbrake when reversing uphill


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I have an XF-S to UK spec. 2013 model, mileage 3,500k

If my car is parked, nose down on a medium grade slope, engine off, when returning to the vehicle I find that after starting the engine and trying to reverse, say out of a tight car park, that the brakes are locked.

There are no dashboard indications to confirm this. That is to say the handbrake symbol is not on.

Pushing down the handbrake lever has no effect.

As you can imagine it's most disconcerting! Engine revs high, sudden reverse jump, and a million dollar R.R. just 1.5m behind you!



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Welcome to the club, jack.


That is very disconcerting, to say the least, particularly when the message centre does not say the usual "Parkbrake malfunction".


Disconnecting the battery for a short time usually releases the handbrake, but on a slope that could be a problem.


Thee could be some lubrication needed, but you will need someone more expert in electrical things than myself.





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