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working on my car... where?


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Hey all,

Not really sure where is the best place to put this question, which is ironic.

Im in London for a few months woth on street parking and I want to swap a broken parking sensor, looks like I need to remove the front bumper, can I just park outside halfords and do it there or are there rules against such madness?

Many Thanks

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Welcome to the club, Kirk.


It is worth finding somewhere like Halfords --  I have a good relationship with my local Halfords  Tyre Service garage --  and have a talk with the manager.  Very frequently they are very helpful.





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I would tend to agree with Peter, Kirk. Unfortunately I have worked away from home for to many years to think about, and know exactly what it is like to get maintenance done on the car whilst away from your own driveway/garage. Personally I would take the vehicle to a garage preferably an Indy and get them to perform the work needed. Persuading an Halfords manager to use his/her garage is one thing, parking outside and jacking it up is another.

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