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I've been a Jaguar driver on and off since about 1973. I've had a selection of cars including a couple of MK2's, a few XJ6's, an XJS, a 1961 E Type, a MK10 and I'm in the process of buying a fairly early XK8 convertible.

This will be the first Jaguar that I've had for a few years and I can't wait to get driving it.


I will be taking the car for an extensive test drive in a week or so after the garage has serviced and valeted it so I am hoping to get some advice on what to look out for closer to the time.





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Welcome to the Club, David.


You must know a lot about Jaguars, and your experiences will be invaluable to the Club members.


There a lot lot of members with the XK8 who will give you their tips and experiences.


I just like to look at the XK8 with some envy!





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Hi David and welcome to 'The Jaguar Owners Club'. There are some bargains out there at the moment especially on XKR's for some reason, I think the F-Type have attracted a lot of potential customers from the XKR so they are off loading.

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Hi Paul here

Me and Bev have not been in to Jaguars long Bev used to be in to Beemers and had an M6

For a few years before buying a XK 60th anniversary edition

I previously had a Ford Focus RS that I spent a pretty penny on but as the new focus RS is on the horizon

I thought I'd sell while they still held their price

I saw the f_type in my local dealers and loved it

Thanks for having us

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Well, what a disaster that (nearly) was! The XK8 looked fabulous but, when I viewed the MOT history a different story emerged. 5 years ago the MOT had been abandoned because the car was dangerous and 'in a very poor condition'. However, a previous owner had then spent almost £16K on the car!! I hoped that all the problems would have been addressed but, unfortunately, that was not the case. The timing chains rattled loudly (despite a receipt which said they'd been changed 10000 miles ago!) the engine misfired and wouldn't start when it was hot and, worst of all, the hood creaked and banged when the car drove over even a really small curb - the body was flexing massively. The underside was smothered with underseal as well. At that point I walked away from it.

Remembering the advice I was always given when buying Jaguars years ago (get the best you can find and afford) I looked around and found what seems to be a really well looked after and solid car at a local Independent Jaguar specialist. Having driven the car and had a good look round and under it, checked the (very comprehensive) service history and discovered that this specialist has been looking after the car for years and has personally done all those things that you need to beware of, I have provisionally agreed to buy the car. I'm hoping that, even though it is a bit more expensive, it will be worth the extra. We shall see!! 

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