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So, I've just successfully connected my S Type to the SDD / IDS software version 1.39 via a clone Mongoose. Total cost of £25 :)


Boy do I have a lot of reading to do though, before I even attempt to do anything with it. I don't want a bricked car.


After all the horror storied I'd seen about the installation and use I was somewhat pessimistic but have to say that following the instructions, the install worked first time and the SDD connected to the car first time as well.


After being well used to the T4 diagnostics for MG/R, this piece of kit seems light-years ahead.


The only thing I'm not too sure on is whether to allow the software to communicate via the internet. It asks for access but I really don't want to allow it to update my software and render it inoperative.


Any views on internet connection and SDD / IDS please?

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