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Hi All,


just picked up my first Jaguar, an S type Diesel 2007 model. looks good, I think, and already made use of the EGR cleaning threads on the forum, thanks.

Not my first time behind the wheel of the big cats though, i did a spell service driving for a Hertfordshire Jag/Aston dealer 10 years or so ago, so drove  the X type up to Vanquish, the most awesome IMO was an S type RS manual, frighteningly quick, the XKR wonderful too.

It seems I have some of the usual problems to sort out, rear parking sensors just sound for a few seconds & dont detect anything, but on the positive the cam belt has been done.


It's a pale blue SE one owner after being a demo at Stratsone Warwickshire, 72000 miles. I will get some pic's sorted soon.


Cheers All



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Welcome to the club, Martin.



The s type is a great car, and buying one at the end of its production run is exactly what I did too.


My car is Dark blue indigo and before I bought it it had two private owners plus five months owned by Stratsone also





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