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Hello everybody


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Just saying a quick hello. I own a 2003MY 2.5litre S-Type that has most of the bells and whistles on it. I live in London. I've retrofitted a few bits like jaguarvoice and premium sound although I've as yet been unable to fit the subwoofers as I have not been able to lay my hands on a parcel shelf with the speaker grills. I have the rear sunblind and don't want to lose that. So far I haven't come across a shelf that has both the grills and the sunblind.


I'm also quite keen to swap out the cd player for a minidisc player as I still use minidisc a lot, I did buy one from eBay but it was for the non nav option, mine has the satnav so I need the single DIN minidisc player. I've seen a few threads with people going the other direction, swapping out the minidisc player for a CD player. If anyone still has a minidisc player kicking around after doing that I'd be very keen to hear from you!





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Welcome to the Club, Brent.


There  are quite a few members with electrical knowledge who will share their experiences with you.


The S type is a great car to drive and it is a great pity that Jaguar discontinued the 2.5 litre on the S Type, while continuing its use on the X Type.


Good luck with your search for the bits you need.





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Thanks for the welcome :) I don't need answers as such, I've already retrofitted the Jaguarvoice, and the amplifier and the alpine door speakers, what I need are actual parts, ie: the rear parcel shelf with premium sound grills plus sunblind, and a single din Jaguar minidisc player :)


According to the EPC the minidisc player is part #XR845304

And the Parcel Shelf is: XR849321ADX (I've got the built in TV which for some reason comes up as a different part)


I've had it suggested to me that I just hack holes in my existing parcel shelf but I don't want to do that :)


Then I think all I need to retrofit will be the adaptive cruise, the garage opener and the 16way seats :D

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