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My retirement present to myself

Chris 1956

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Hi all

I brought my first Jaguar about 14 months ago a 3litre diesel premium luxury on a 60 plate, I've thoroughly enjoyed the driving experience.  However I seem to be plagued with issues, firstly a warning light telling me there's water in the diesel, As it was under warrantee I put it into a local Jaguar dealership who charged me to tell me they could find no water or fault. The warning light persisted so I photographed the warning light, took the car to another dealership who I must say where great, they changed the sensor, problem fixed.

In 14 months I've changed head lamp bulbs 5 times.

On Friday last the climate control stopped working, it was clearly an electrical fault so I checked the fuses they were ok, when I started the car the climate control was working again.

Over 40 years of driving various makes of car I've had more issues with this car than all the rest put together. It's starting to worry me as the cars out of warrantee that sooner or later a major fault will occur.

What I suppose I want to know is, are these issues normal with Jaguars or am I just unlucky and hopefully there over, I love driving the car and the prestige of owning a Jaguar but get frustrated by what some might call minor issues. 

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hi chris welcome. like you I am on my first jag about 5mths or so. an xj portfolio,  warranty just expired but I have no issues. having owned mostly bms &audis its a change from them and liking it so far, Jaguar is no better in the fact it brands itself as a premium car make. the same as them, and like them owners experience problems. its just the luck off the draw mate you pay your money ect European cars are full of elec probs. aving read on this forum and other Jaguar forums a new battery can solve these. but your car is only 4years old nd should be fine check your battery ect. years ago I had a bad exp with an audi in the end got rid off it, lost a few bob in doing so thou. you could ask the members on here or on the jaguarforums.com (bigger site) off your  problems and you get help. but I have found that Jaguar customer services are a waste off time they don't want t know. the xf is a cracking car is a pity that you are having issues regards joe   ps. look up an indy jag specialists near you trythem

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Hi Christopher, and welcome to the club,


I have been driving various vehicles for over 55 years, half of them company cars, all of which were new.  Of all the cars I have had the best ones were both  Jaguars .


I think that you have an electrical niggle somewhere, and Jaguar, like all luxury cars, do depend on good power from the battery.  It could be worth checking for output.


I am not an electrical expert [there are some very good members who are] but I would guess that their is a primary issue that has not been addressed, as bulbs last a bit longer than you have experienced.


I had an X type and the only fault was a reversing sensor failing.  My current S Type - one of the last few manufactured - has had two rear bulbs replaced, and. like all diesels, has a sticky EGR valve now and then, which is an easy cure.


Club members have found that Jaguar main dealers are vey good at selling cars, but not very good at repairing them, as they are inclined to plug in their diagnostics machine and then want to replace [at significant cost] the offending bit.  There is a list of independent garages recommended by members in the Jaguar Owners Lounge on the Club site, which is worth reading.


When that electrical niggle is corrected, you will enjoy your Jaguar.  We make good cars in Brummagem!





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