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Jobs for the summer!


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I have had the S type for a couple of weeks now, a 2007 SE Diesel, a couple of niggles need dealing with, well maybe 3, all of which have had some write ups on the forum.

Firstly the excessive recirculation, sticky EGR problem, I have tried the Wynnns approach but the eml came on after 100 miles or so after resetting the code. The car has 72500 miles on her, my previous diesel, a mitsubishi had a clagged EGR at around 75000 Miles.

Secondly, the heater valve, I dont have any heating, there was some to the drivers side but this looks like its gone now. a new heater control valve looks the way forward there. Aircon is fine though.

Lastly the rear parking sensors. A 4 to 5 second beep when reverse is first selected, then nothing after that.


So, I have been looking for a good engine bay picture/layout for the EGR's, I have done a clean up on these things on other diesels, but I understand the location is a bit tight on the S type. Any clues/tips appriciated.

The heater valve doesnt seen too tricky, I would do this at the same time as the EGR's, so I would only have to drain the coolant once.

Reverse sensors, any clues? I will do the ear to the bumper test tomorrow.


So what damage could be done if the EGR is sticking, I dont get any black smoke under hard excelleratio, & the car goes very well, I would like better MPG but I am still enjoying 200BHP surrounded by leather.


Thanks in anticipation



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Hi Martin,


I don't think any damage can be caused by a sticky EGR Valve  ---   the amber warning light would change to red if it is causing any harm.  A good blast can sometimes cure it.


The location of the EGR valves is at the outside of the V   --  not too easy to get out.


You are moving the right way on the sensors.


To get a better mpg I would recommend a terraclean service.





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