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White deposit on oil filler cap

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I've been looking to purchase an XK8 and viewed one recently.


I unscrewed the Oil filler cap and found a pale white greasy substance on the underside.


The Oil on the dipstick is clean and clear and smells fine.


Suspecting it may signify a head gasket problem, I mentioned this to the seller, a Jag main dealer who said he would ask their head technician.


Took the car for a test drive, had a look again at the filler cap underside and it was completely clear.


Oil pressure was constant and good as was the temperature.


The mechanic arrived, had a look and said he suspected it was simply condensation as the car has barely been used other than ferrying it a short distance to and from the workshop for various jobs.


The car seems well looked after and comes with a two year guarantee on a forty five thousand mile car.


What do members think? Do you think this could be a head gasket problem on the make and would you go ahead with the purchase? Or could it be simply condensation or something else?


Your opinion would be appreciated.



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Hi David,


"Mayonnaise" on the Oil filler cap is something us older drivers have seen before.  I have had it before on a Viva HC which my wife used for short trips.


It is probably condensation build up, but if here is no Oil in the coolant I would not think it too dangerous.  It was in the VIVA for 8 years without a problem.





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Thank you, Jim for your words.


I too am thinking the mechanic probably had it right and as you say, if the dealer is prepared to stand a two years guarantee behind the car, it's probably not something to worry about.


Thank you Jim, I appreciate your taking time to respond.





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