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Noisy Power Steering on X Type

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The power steering on my 2005 X Type has become noisy in the last couple of months. The steering works fine but the noise is annoying. I have lubricated the pulley with WD40 but there is no real improvement.


Appreciate any advise.


David Manock

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Hi David ---Welcome---Your problem could be quite a few different things ==


The first things I would check is the fluid is it a dirty brown ???

If your car has high mileage it would be wise to change the Oil.???

Check fluid hoses for bent or damages.???

Is the Drive belt worn or loose .??

Worn steering or suspension joints.???

Has the system got air in it and needs bleeding???


To bleed ==With the front wheels in the strait -ahead position top up the fluid level

start the engine then bleed the system by slowly turning the steering wheel from

side to side [all the way] a few times --then check the fluid level again as before .???


These are the things that I would do first before thinking of perhaps a new pump.???



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