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Anything you'd change on your F Type after living with it?


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Hi Guys,

Admittedly, I'm doing a little pre planning here as a newbie to the forums!
I've long been a Jag fan, and really hope to fulfil my dream early next year and pick up my v6S manual Coupe that I've been dreaming of for the past 2.5 years *sigh*
So I'm wondering, you as owners and lovers of your F Types - is there anything you'd change or would have done differently when buying your F?
Left an option out, added one in, any niggles, any unexpected things that you love about the car?
It seems every day I jump back onto jaguar's website to configure my F type slightly differently ha! So many fantastic (and expensive options).
Really interested to hear your feedback on what day to day life is like in the F Type!
Thanks a bunch, look forward to reading the responses!
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Hi Sammy, welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club forum. I haven't got an F - Type myself to give an opinion however, m brother have now owned his for approx. 6 month after upgrading from an XF and absolutely loves the car. He boasts that its the best car he has owned even though it cost him £60,000. Must say I driven it and enjoyed the pleasure, fantastic exhaust note.

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Had mine for 6 months and highly recommend the 8 speed Auto over the manual. I am not an Auto fan but the box is so much fun and it generates some amazing noises from the exhaust as it does it stuff. Lightening fast gear changes, you can play when you want but more importantly you can relax and be lazy at any time. Bonus is the removal of worry when the wife drives and there's no chance of the distruction of the clutch. (Her racing starts in third gear from the lights in many Porsches, not realising and just stinking the car out have haunted me till this day)...... Why is it that we all have done it, but on engagment of the clutch, men instantly disengage the clutch, stick it in 1st and set off again in one movement but NO, my partner will just floor the accelerator and castrate the clutch until we are at a speed that determines that 4th gear is needed. Never mind the distorted face of horror I have showing and the screams of pain that I omit each rare? time this happens (and this is when I am in the car). God knows what happens when she is alone.

Jag has been faultless, get the longest Warranty and service package you can afford as repairs are expensive, mine does not have memory seats, a pain if there are different height drivers, so that's a must. Multi Camera is fun as you can keep it on while driving so get the camera package as the wife loves all the different angles you can see from the passenger seat. Mine misses the Tyre pressure warning which if available I would option as I have to check mine regular out here as a puncture can kill you in this heat. Her Merc has it and has saved 2 tyres from Julie destruction.

Do not know which engine you have decided on but the V6 has been plenty with fuel returns of 30mpg, V8 would be more fun but the price hike and rarity of the model used here was my deciding factor. Maybe next year if an example came up for sale just to have had one for a while, especially the AWD model as would be so much fun in the sand ;-)

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I would be interested to know if any F-type owners have had a problem (little niggle  i know but.....) where in bright sunshine but with headlights on so the dashboards back lighting dims a bit, wearing sunglasses they struggle to see/read any of the displays even with the backlighting dial turned up full. I have found under these conditions i struggle to see digital readouts and the icons next to all the buttons. Would be interesting to know if this is due to the fact that my sunglasses are polarised.


Other than that small niggle  i love this car, especially the coupe. I have tested many top name cars over the last 16 years including aston martin, mclaren, bentley, the list goes on but  i rate the F-type up there with the best of em.

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Welcome to the Club, Bill.


I am a fan of memory seats, as when my car goes in for service, I can always put it back to where it was.


Also, when I am vacuuming it out it is good to move the seats to get underneath the.





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