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brak discs


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Hi all , just registered and looking for some info  re my 2004 2.5 sport. I had what I thought was a noisy wheel bearing and put it into my local garage to investigate, but was told that it was a problem with the front tyres feathering at the edges


I was also told that it badly needs new front discs and pads, , My question is ,do all sport models have the 320mm discs on the front , or do some have the 300mm ones fitted?


I have only recently bought the car and am just getting to know it, and trying to go over  it  bit by bit.


I would appreciate any info from anyone who knows about these things


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Hi David and welcome to The Jaguar Owners club. I apologise I have not got the information as to whether the discs can be 300 or 320mm however I am quite sure this information can be gained from entering the vehicle details into such sites as; ebcbrakeshop.co.uk

or even; eurocarparts.com/brakedisks

Good luck

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Cheers Kenny, checked your recommendations and it would appear all sports versions have 320 mm discs as standard fitting, now on with the job.


Many thanks

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