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Hi guys


Could anyone help me with information about my model of XK8. My car is 4 litre XK8 1998, blue with gold wheels and chrome door handles, wing mirrors. It has a dark wood interior with leather/cloth seats, nose cone is a sharper shape. The chrome door seal has stamped in 'Jaguar 1948-1998 50 years'. The car feels a much harder ride than my previous XK8.


Could anyone give me any information about this model and how many where made?

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Hi Bren and welcome to the club.


I have had a good look around , and while I can total numbers for the 4 litre and the 4.2 litre models in both coupe and convertible version, I cannot find details of the various model equipment without more details.  It also sounds as if some aftermarket bits were fitted by a previous owner. 


Have a look at Vindecoderz on google and it will details of your car as it left the factory, from which a good stab at the exact version you have.





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Hi Peter


Thanks for your help very kind of you to reply. I'm going to add a couple of photos. I have been told that my model could be called 'Oyster'. The car is a re import from Japan

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