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Hi everyone,


Not an owner of any Jaguar yet, but I am privileged to be be given the chance to work on an XJ6, together with a few members of our newish TechShed here in Grimsby.  First, we have to overcome the problem of stolen keys, so we have to remove the ignition barrel and get new keys. The paint along the top of the doors on the passenger side has lost some of its lacquer, as has the rear edge of the boot - patches of rust here too!

It needs a new crankshaft sensor fitting. I have removed the battery to charge and its recovery after five hours of charging is encouraging. The car has  been stood for nearly two years and was running very well before the sensor fault.

If we make a success of this one, then we will be looking for another restoration project - hopefully another Jaguar!



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Welcome to the Club, P.C.


That is a great project, and there will be a desire from many members to see some photos --  before and after.





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Thanks Peter. I have also just posted in the XJ section with a bit more detail. I will get some pictures when I go up there next week. It has the square headlights unfortunately but it will still glide along in the usual Jaguar way I am sure!

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