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1990 XJ6 Sovereign with Sport Pack to restore


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We have had our first look at the Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign with Sport Pack. We hope to get it delivered to us in a week's time. We are charging the battery off the car. The paint job looks quite good apart from along the top of the doors on the passenger side and on the rear edge of the boot lid which also has a couple of small rust patches. Otherwise the finish looks good, with the roof and bonnet looking particularly good. A second hand crankshaft sensor was fitted which did not cure the rough running, so a new one was purchased and I will fit this. The ignition keys were stolen and there is an alarm system which might well be a problem once we try to start it. I have removed the battery and after five hours charging, the indicator is showing green so I wil give it a long very slow charge for another few hours then do some performance tests. It may well be that the disks need changing - good fun on the rear, with inboard brakes!
It has been standing outside for nearly two years. I am wondering whether to take the plugs out and put 50ml of Redex into each plug-hole and leave it to stand for a week. Then it would be a case of turning the engine without refitting the plugs first, then re-inserting the plugs and starting normally. Also, should I drain the petrol out first?

Any advice offered regarding removing the ignition barrel would be gratefully received. I have downloaded some instructions for this and hope to receive the Haynes manual very soon. Starting it on Tuesday, so we can turn the steering wheel to get it on and off the transporter.

If we make a success of this and the car gets through the MOT, we will be looking for another project car - preferably another

XJ6/8 or XK8.

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We are very disappointed, but after finding out more about the car and the costs involved, we have decided not to go ahead.


Grimsby TechShed would still consider a Jaguar (light) restoration project but on slightly later car and preferably an XK8.

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