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Maintenance Schedule 21 & 42k miles


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Looking for a link where I can find what's inspected, maintained and/or replaced on a 21K and 42k service.

On-Line Service Info is quite minimalistic but for the cost I want to see what's being done.  (Apart from me that is£££££!!!! )

The vehicle has not got a  "Service Booklet" per say - so I can take an educated guess or ask your folks - :-)))

Many thanks for your assistance so far>


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Thanks Joe.

I've looked at this page/link before but its not very descriptive - Have approached my local dealer for a itemised list but as yet nothing has arrived.

Best regards. John.


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The Jag Dealer that sold the XF did the first 24 month's service for the first owner, and now it's a 12 month's service on my XF,i would never leave it for 24 month's.

I buy what's needed for the service and my local garage does the Service, I don't like the Cloak and Dagger style ( ie everything is very secretive ) that my local Jag Dealer uses.

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Agreed. That said, I just got a quote from an independent as my "Service Required" light has just come on, and they quoted £350 for a full service and £260 for an oil service. I expected less. 

I'm not even sure what it needs or when, mine's an '09 XF 3.0d, and seems to have been done annually rather than by mileage as it's only done 54,000 miles.

Last three services are marked as follows: 

51950 miles - 12/06/2021 - type of service not shown.

50950 miles – 25/02/2020 – OIL SERVICE Level 1.

47671 miles – 20/02/2019 – OIL SERVICE Level 1.

44230 miles - 26/02/2018 – SERVICE “A" (which I'm assuming was a "full" service) - that was 2 years but only 6000 miles after the previous full service. 

I'm taking the most recent one with a pinch of salt as that was done by the sales garage, and as it had just had new discs and pads all round, and an oil service just 1000 miles earlier they probably didn't do much else, but I'm not sure when it's due. The booklet says 80.000 but it's probably better to stick to the annual schedule as that's a long way off. 


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