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Pedestrian System Reset?


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Hi, I am on holiday in France/Italy at the moment in my 2011 XF S Luxury 3.0d. I lightly touched a chain link fence whilst going forward into a tight space nil damage and not a mark on the car (thank goodness)

But now I have the "Check Pedestrian System" message permanently displayed.

Anyone know if I can reset this by disconnecting the battery or any other method?

I don't particularly want to take it to a dealer over here - so hoping someone can help?


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Sorry Paul but unless you have a diagnostic kit with you I think you will be stuck on that one unless of course you bight the bullet and go to a dealer or maybe a small garage with a diagnostic kit that can reset it for you. Is the car drivable at present? 

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Thanks for your reply Yes the car is drivable and everything else is normal - so I will carry on and get it reset when I get back to the UK.

Thanks again


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Hi Paul, and welcome to the club.


I used to carry a lump hammer for such eventualities, but that is now replaced with an OBD2 code reader.


I currently have  a message telling me my car needs a service, but from 600 miles to 1900 miles and other varying distances leads me to believe that I know more than the ECU.


I would tend to disregard it unless the engine warning light come up, [which it won't] and when you get back to the UK get th e message removed by either getting a code scanner [quite cheap] or getting a garage to remove the message.


If there is no amber warning light, and the car goes OK I wouldn't worry.





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