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Another end life crisis

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Hi all


new to Jaguar, nearly 60 and fed up with being a Mr Sensible, buying 'economical and practical' (ie boring) cars. Vauxhall/VW/Audi/Nissan/Rover/Wartburg


So I bought an XF 3.0 litre diesel S luxury with sports upgrade. Seems to go quite quickly, handles neutrally and has heated seats. LOVE IT! I tend to sit in it all evening as its nicer than the house.






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Welcome to the Club, Andy.


I had 30 years of company cars changed every year to two years. When I retired 16 years ago I bought a top of the range Rover Sterling which I kept for almost 12 years --  it had every bell and whistle you could imagine. When it was getting a bit tatty Rover was no more and since then I have had two Jaguars   ----    a different world.


I hope you will enjoy your Jaguar, and also the club.





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Hi Kenny,


yes you spotted that one! The Wartburg also had a free wheel which made it less than safe down hills and round bends. The XF is a little more sophisticated. Much like me now I've grown up!



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