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Rev counter faulty


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Just bought an x type 2.5ltr and innthe process of trying to get it on the road again,its an 03 model and the rev counter seems to be faulty?

When you start the car the needle just moves from the stop position by a couple of millimeters.

I assume it could possibly be a sensor problem?

Could someone shed any light onnthis and possibly point me in the right direction as to where it is located.

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Hi Kevin,


I have spent some time googling the sensor location with little success.


From the days when a cable ran from the engine to the rev counter I can only guess that it would be somewhere close to the crankshaft.


Not having an x type I cannot nip out and have a look!


With a bit of luck a member with that model might be able to assist.





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Try disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes It should settle down, If that fails the next step is to test the battery itself, A weak or old battery can cause a multitude of problems on these X's.

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Thanks for the reply Bertieboy9 its a new fullcharged battery and I had it disconnected for a couple of days and its made no difference.I can read the revs through the stalk test mode whilst driving

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Sounds like its a cluster issue, If the ecu is reading the rpm correctly and the needle isnt its the cluster, I have the same problem with mine being erratic, Looks as though you may have to change it.

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