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Hi from Dubai

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Hope I am allowed to join your Club from Sunny Dubai?

I bought a Black F-Type Convertible 2014 about 6 months ago after trading in a 2012 Mercedes SL55 AMG after getting bored with it!!!!

In Dubai there are plenty of Toys, all at different price ranges and after 8 years here and starting from a Peugeot 206cc in 2007 (new then) I progressed to a Mustang GT, Porsche Boxster, SL500, etc etc...

My budget increased and finally bought a Carrera Targa 4S and thought it was enough. Then I got an invitation to test drive both the F-Type and the new 2014 Carrera.....

Got an hour in the Jag and a full day in the Carrera and could not justify the extra cost of getting a decent spec Carrera at the time, both were too much money for me, so decided to wait for a good used example at a later date. Carrera was sold and got a SLK55 to play with. Most disappointing sports? car I have driven for the price and really misses a blower on the engine. Beautiful Beautiful car but no Zing...

Saw the Jag for sale and did not even test drive it, bought it immediately and not 1 second of regret. Best value sports car out there in my opinion, no need for the V8 as my wife drives a 2009 SL63 and I never hanker to drive it over the Jag. F-Type runs rings round the Merc up to a sensible point and in real day driving is twice the fun. Never thought I would choose to own a Jaguar over any Porsche and says how much improved the brand has become. Warranty and service packages are far superior than both Mercedes and Porsche, BMW stamps Jaguar but there cars have kind of stood still a little, do not get me wrong there 335i engine was and still is outstanding having had a few here, but the Jag has edged it with the new V6 Supercharged lump and the 8 Speed Auto is again superior than the PDK and Dual clutch of BMW and positively ancient Mercedes set up in the SL63 and others.

My dream car is the California and maybe in a couple of years when prices have dropped, I might have a play, but I am tempted to not bother as I am sure it will be nothing but trouble and so far the Jag has been faultless, not a single problem of any kind and with 4 years warranty and 2 years free servicing left (extendable) would I be a fool to change.... I realise we are all a long time dead and to live your dreams but maybe the V8 Jag would be more.... Fun



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Welcome to the Club, James. Very Welcome.


We have members all over the world and in comparison Dubai is only just up the road.


The F type will suit Dubai from what I hear.


Just enjoy the Jaguar experience.





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Hi James and welcome to THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. I am also a Mercedes convert last one being the SL55 AMG although before that I did own an SLK32 which was believe it or not much quicker than the SLK55 even though there is a big difference in engine size i.e. 5.5ltr against 3.2ltr Obviously it was down to the Kompressor but Mercedes or AMG don't appear to want to address this. My brother has the F - Type and I have driven it, its a nice car. Enjoy the Jaguar experience

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