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Buying 2nd hand XF, has oil in the coolant


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Hi folks, I'm looking to get an idea of the risk I might be opening myself up to here.


I'm looking to buy a 2009 XF that's done around 78K miles. It's £14K, which is a little high but it's a nice example with adaptive cruise control and a few other after-market goodies fitted (by Jaguar dealers).


It's from a private seller so I had the RAC do their checks. Everything was fine except that they found Oil in the coolant.


Rather than it being a problem with the head gasket the RAC guy thinks that it's probably due to having the Oil cooler replaced last November. Either they didn't flush it enough or the new Oil cooler is leaking. It was done by Mr Clutch and I haven't heard good things about them. The work is still under warranty but that warranty wouldn't transfer across to me.


The seller has offered to get it sorted or to reduce the price by how much it would cost me to get it sorted, and that seems pretty reasonable.


However it's down to what's needed to get it sorted (i.e. if I just do a flush then if the coolers leaking it could get more oil in there). Another concern is what damage might the oil have done to the seals (including the head gasket) if it's been in there since November.


So any advice? I'm not completely risk-averse but I don't want to take a stupid risk either.





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The RAC inspection is usually very good and I'm sure the nice man knew what he was doing and looking for along with making a diagnosis of the issue. I just wonder where he got the information that the Oil cooler had been changed? Did the seller tell him that after he discovered the Oil in the water to fob him off? I just think of Oil in water which makes it a creamy chocolate cover as water in oil i.e. head gasket. If you wish to proceed let him get it sorted on the guarantee first.

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Hi Sean, and welcome to the club.


I am not an engineer but I would be very careful with something like Oil and coolant being mixed and what effect it could have.


There are plenty of good XF Models around and I would be inclined to have a look at Stratstone Jaguar's site to  get some idea of what is around for that price and mileage.


I am not a fan of main dealers in general but they will give a good warranty and will bring a car from another part of the country for you.  Their sister company, Evans Halshaw, will also pop up on the Strastone site too.


I have heard of Mr Clutch, and the word not touching and barge poles have been used in conjunction with that company.





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Thanks guys; to be on the safe side I've walked away. Shame because it was a really nice example.


The cooler replacement was genuine; he'd told me about it at the viewing and shown me the receipt. I think when smoke started coming out of his engine and he had to have the car towed he just took it to whichever garage was handiest, and it happened to be Mr Clutch. At least I now know to steer well clear of them.


As it happens my current X-Type came from Stratstone, at least according to the rear window. I'm in Beckenham though, and they aren't all that handy. The London ones don't seem to have what I'm after either so they'd have to ship something across. I'll keep them in mind though.


Thanks for the help guys.



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