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Rust in XF Bonnet and Boot

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Hi all, I bought my first Jaguar XF port folio in December from a main dealer, I have just discovered that I have rust coming in the bonnet and boot lids, the car is a 2010 reg and I am not sure what the paint warranty is, if it is still in warranty do I have to take it back to the dealer I bought it from or can I take it to any Jaguar main dealer to have it repaired. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Andrew and welcome to the Club.


If the paintwork is still under warranty, I believe that  you can arrange to take it to a more convenient dealer.


But when you say rust I think that the bonnet is made out of Aluminium, and possibly the boot lid is also, so it must be something other than rust.


The bonnet on my s type is made out of Aluminium, and I do know that Jaguar have been moving to all aluminium bodies.


But do check with the dealer from who you bought your car.





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Hi Peter, thanks for your reply to my post, I never thought of the bonnet or boot being made of aluminium, I have been out this morning with a magnet and you are right the bonnet is not magnetic so assume it's Ali but the boot is magnetic so must be steel, the paint on the front of the bonnet is blistering as if it is rust coming through, I don't know how long Jaguars paint warranty is so will have to contact the dealer to see what can be done.

Regards Andrew

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