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New 2008 XK owner Cambridge


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hi. I am not a new Jaguar owner as I have had the pleasure of other Jaguars over the years but the XK I now own is my first and I am keen to find ways to improve if any are around and maintain my 80,000 miles example to ensure a trouble free long life. I started my ownership seeking advice on the Gear Box and servicing to mixed messages. However I found a very good Jaguar Specialist in Ely JagTech and they recommended a Gearbox Fluid change and found it was required as the old fluid smelt burnt and black colour. Yet the Jaguar Dealer said it does not require changing as its Sealed For Life! Glad JagTech advised me to go ahead.


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Welcome to the Club, Paul.


You have found a good garage in Ely of which, coincidentally, I have heard good reports.


While Jaguar say that the gearbox is sealed for life, many members have had their auto box Oil and filter at 70k, and I intend to have mine done when it reached that mileage.


I hope you enjoy theClub and there are lot of XK owners who will tell you about any foibles that might exist.





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Hi. Thanks for the response. JagTech appear to know their stuff so glad I found them. The XK I have had not been well cared for so had engine and gearbox fluids changed for peace of mind. Regards Paul

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Only other thing that is bugging me is the Aerial as I have a late 2007 model with a awful telescopic aerial so any tips to a alternative hidden would be most welcome. I have disconnected the standard aerial for now and will soon get this removed and filled/painted over.

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