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Window problem

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I know this is a common problem. My passenger side window window keeps losing it's programming and not returning after dropping after opening the door.

I have assumed it's a battery problem which I have pretty much proved because it works perfectly after I reset the window right until I crank the engine!



Is there a reason that it is always the passenger window - never the drivers side which always works perfectly?


I have put this on my 'to do over the winter' list and I was going to get my battery deep discharged and recharged by a pal of mine who supplies batteries. This has returned the battery to 'as new' performance for previous cars. Failing that I will get a new one if the existing one proves to be the problem. I haven't had it drop tested as yet 'cos I haven't had time what with this glorious weather! It's just too tempting to go for a drive.


Another 'to do' job is to do with the centre console. This morning I changed the bulbs in the Air Con display panel. When I stripped the unit down I found the switch cover moulding (the frame) was broken in several places. Does anybody know if this part is generally available and whether it would be a straightforward job to change it?


Thanks for any help or info



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