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Faulty cd player


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Have you, by any chance, got an Audio Connectivity Module in the centre console?


If you have, what has happened is that one of your CD trays is partially engaged in the CDC. This happens if you are using an ACM. The way to deal with it is to de-select the iPod / USB mode on the ACM and the CD tray will retract into the cartridge.


If you don't have ACM then it is simply a jammed tray.


If you look at the cartridge closely on the right hand side you will see, through the small gap, one of the CD trays across the gap.


Usually, gentle tapping on the cartridge with the handle of a screwdriver and ignition on, whilst tapping the eject button will serve to release the CD tray and allow it to fully retract. It can sometimes take several attempts though.


If it refuses to budge then you will have to disconnect and remove the CDC and open it up to manually retract the CD tray.


PLEASE don't try to poke a screwdriver blade in the gap. That usually makes things worse.

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If it happens on a regular basis I would consider getting another cartridge Rob.


I never attempted a strip-down of my mirrors.


What was recommended to me (and worked like a charm) was to pop the casing off and then spray in some WD40 to initially get them moving and then to follow up with Lithium based spray grease for a more permanent solution.


The cause, I think, is corrosion owing to lack of use rather than grit.


Mine seem fine now, probably because they are regularly exercised as my mirrors are set to auto extend and retract when the car is locked or unlocked.

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