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The jacking points on a March 2012 Jaguar XF


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Im new to the forum and have searched for an answer to a question I have but I keep getting refered to space saving spare wheel discussion. On my 2nd hand March 2012 XF I bought two weeks ago, it did not come with a spare wheel or jack. So I manged to find both on eBay. However the owners manual that came with the car does not tell you where the jacking points are as they clearly don't want you to do any work on the car. Can anyone therefore tell me where the jacking points for the supplied scissor wheel jack, (and not a trolley jack),would be on my 2012 XF?



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Hi Miles and welcome to the Club.


My S type, which preceded the XK, and which has a lot of things underneath in common has "four jacking points on the floor of the car".  Rather vague.  


My car came with a spare wheel as specified by the first owner.


I take it that the XF might be similar.   On my s type, there is a gap about a foot along the sill and at a quick feel it seems that there is some kind of support.


Before trying to jack up the car I would be incline to get a suitable piece of wood at least an inch thick, 6" wide and about 18" long and if you can see if the jack will support the car.


Hopefully an XF owner might be along to give you a little bit more certain advice.





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Hi Pete,


Thanks for your reply. I'm alright now, I've found the jacking points. Having looked closely there are some embossed triangle shapes on the sills indicating where they are.


I put my hand up in the jacking point void and could feel a metal separating divider which is about right to go with the jack I've ordered. Strange thing is, while my hand was inside the jacking point if a poked a finger either side the sills are hollow but are filled with  sponge / foam material which are soaking wet! After doing some 'googling' on this I discovered these foam / sponge inserts are meant to be for noise reduction and are apparently sitting against plastic sills and not metal - therefore not causing a potential rust problem hopefully. Time will tell. Also I was astonished to discover the price of a space saving tyre is rather expensive. A couple of eBay merchants want £175 each for them!


All the best.

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