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s type starting problems


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hi all have a  2001 3.0 v6 s type manual. it wont start and is in fail safe mode done some research and saw it could be throttle body or tps so changed both still not fixed the problem also checked relay 4 and swapped it over still no fix so decided to check the plug at the back of the engine that leads to the tps it seemed to be in good condition so anyone got any ideas what it could be? it turns over fine and catches for a second before dying. am going to check plugs and coil packs next but anyones thoughts on this would be appreciated

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Hi Chris,


It does sound fuel related in part  --  as if the fuel is not getting through, which brings in the electrical element


Go for the coil packs and the plugs.


And a bit of a maybe --  possibly an additive that cleans the fuel system. 





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thanks guys I have checked and its fault code 1586 which isn't in my book! ive noticed that the fuel pumps aren't making any noise when the cars ignition is on should they make a noise?

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