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XK Running Cost?

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Hello guys i just joined today as im looking for some advice. Im looking to buy a 2006 or 2007 4.2 XK convertible. Currently 21 years old and in university ive just saved enough for the car, my big question is how expensive are these cars on a daily basis, the mpg is fine as i dont drive much my main concern is things like brake pads and Oil changes. Will i have take the car to the dealer or can any garage do the work? Also how is the roof mechanism? is it likely to have any problems?

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Hi Adil and welcome to the Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. Being a XKR owner myself and having converted from a Mercedes SL55 AMG I honestly cannot say the running costs are any different. A set of brake pads from a main dealer will be pricey however there are many independent Jaguar specialists out there dependant on where you live who perform work at a reasonable cost, as for the parts then the likes of EBC Brakes, Euro Car Parts or GSF will supply pads, discs etc at a very competitive price. As for Oil and filter changes then I don't have any personal problems with using the likes of National tyres, Kwik Fit etc who perform such quite reasonable. My preference there would be National tyres who use better quality oils, in fact on my last Oil change they replenished with Castrol Magnatec which would have been my preference if I were to purchase they Oil myself.

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Hi Adil,


Kenny has given you some good tips about the XKR.


I can give you some about the West Midlands, and much depends on your location.


There is a well recommended Independent Jaguar Specialist in Northfield, who some members who have used the garage give very good reports.


I have used a mobile mechanic for 13 years who works mostly around the North Birmingham area, as he lives in the Erdington/Castle Vale area.


There are also some quite good parts suppliers in the area whom I have used, and online as Kenny has said.  I have used the David Manners Group in Halesowen, from whom you can order parts and pick them them up yourself,


There is also a JOC meet on the 19th Sept at the Heritage Motor Museum in Gaydon which could be of interest to you.





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Peter thanks for the help, this sort of information is absolutly priceless and is why im such a fan of owner clubs like this. I was expecting huge service costs but after doing some research it looks like its not that bad at all. Hopefully when i get my xk ill attend so meets and see your wonderful cars. :D

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